Directly coming to the point without any formalities, I want clear few points without any reservations in mind and heart. Hope this may reach you and people who are directing you.

                Learning places especially universities should invite people to speak ideas, truth and criticism. People should to be able to express their feelings and thoughts, thus providing space for individuals reflecting on everyday life. We need to figure out in exploring our individual thoughts and where does it fit in the domain of placate debate.

Learning will be painful if it is not structured, for this open-minded hospitality is required. Here hospitality means appreciating new aspiration, newer ideas with openness and cordiality. In a good classroom, truth and justice is central; it is a place where every stranger and every strange utterance is welcome.

Three essentials dimensions of a good educational campus come to my mind: Openness, boundaries and an air of hospitality – Dr. APJ Kalam.

According to news sources, Mr. Appa Rao you tried to talk to students openly, but they denied and you conveyed your words through video channel Youtube  (,  if you really care for the welfare of students and faculty of HCU, Dear Sir kindly step down as VC. I am sure that the students community are humble than the politicians who may accept your leadership in HCU in the future provided that you prove your credibility.

As a VC you shall not bow down under the pressure of the politician’s dirty caste politics and should do what is right in the interest of the HCU, it’s students and faculty. With this humble gesture, people’s faith in the Higher Education and Judiciary will be restored.


Your Well-wisher,

Syed Azharuddin.

Citizen of India.