Kind Words

Pavan Kumar A

Hello sir

Hope you are doing great

As you remember when I was in B.Tech 2nd year while Fresher’s Day you have given one speech regarding the difference between ‘Engineer’ and a ‘Doctor’, “As Doctor can give life for a living human being whereas an Engineer can give life to a non- living thing and can create Wonders”…

This statement has inspired me a lot and made me to be a Good Engineer…Now I am an Embedded Software Engineer at Hyundai Motor India Engineering Pvt Ltd.

From Your loving student – Pavan Kumar A”

Pradeep Vadlakonda


Pradeep Vadlakonda, Operational HR – South Region- IndiGo Airlines.

I know you for the last 8.6 years. I have seen as a lecturer in our college. No sooner you became Secretary General SIO. You were known to a little extent then, but now you are known to many states. And i like the way you grown up like a star. When i was in college i searchd you facebook with many details, now i can see you by just typing your name in Google Search. The fame you have now is very great. The only one thing which inspired me greatly is your hard work and simplicity sir. And i started learning that from you. You treat everyone with the best you have and the best came to you now. I really admire your hardwork and helping nature. 

Salute to you sir.

Yours Pradeep.”

Chilvalwar Sathish


“My roll model and we’ll wisher is Syed Sir. I remember in my college days i.e engineering final year (2013-14) I suppose to complete my graduation but I don’t have any further plans and was also unaware of outside world. Daily I used to visit staff room or after the class time with various questions and your guidance with patience on education, goal and mainly career growth to achieve something in life made me complete man. The position in which I’m today is because of you only sir.

Now I am working as software test engineer at choice solutions Pvt ltd at Hyderabad.”

Syed Shahen

“Good evening sir,
Yes, I inspired by your motivational lectures. My B.Tech final year project seminar day your words motivated to perform in my own way confidently what I did the project.
I really blessed to get knowledge and encouraging a guide like you. Thank you sir.
Present I am working with Sony India Pvt Ltd as a team leader and Active as a TPUS Telangana state co-ordinator.”

Syed Shahen


“Hi Sir,
Definitely your one of the best teacher who inspired me a lot in my btech life and yup as usual the way of ur teaching was simply awesome,The one who doesn’t irritate Even though we raised 1000s of concerns. Still I’m following your teaching skills while giving seminars and KT’s in my job.
It was a pleasure and privilege journey with you that i had and learnt so many as well. I would like to give BIG THANK YOU.

Proud to inform you that am working as Data Engineer at Capgemini hyderabad campus.


Nagula Divya


“Sir you are doing a great job for development of students community and I’m really proud to be your student. The important thing which inspires me alot is, when we want to something we think 1000 times and never take initiative but whatever you do, you do with confidence. I can do anything, I learnt it from you. Thank you so much, for inspiring always.

Rohit Katakam


“Yes sir you have been one of the inspiring person through out my journey.
I look up-to you the way you evolved yourself from teaching profession to
general secretary of Sio was amazing and that keeps me motivated every time
to achieve my goals. I fell really proud and happy that you got a chance to
help other students to build their career. I wish you good luck with your future endeavors.

Rohit Katakam
Software Programmer,
Kroger Technologies, Ohio USA”

Poornachander Kota


“You are one of my best guru in my life, as you treated me like a Friend more than a student.

As we discussed many times in my college days regarding my career and all your suggestions are very helpful in present times and those suggestions helped me a lot in my career perspective. Also you are an inspiring personality in my life, mainly how to live in our own way and how to believe ourself, these two things I grabbed from you sir.. Hope our relationship will continue
till end of my life… Thank you sir..😊😊

Poornachander Kota
System Analyst, TCS Hyderabad.

Ufera Tazeen


“A VERY BIG YES if its a matter of inspiration….I m really very inspired by you..your passion to make difference in the society and standing with right the way you work hard by putting all your heart and soul into your endeavors is unbelievable…watching you bring change in society and protesting against bad inspires me to huge extent and makes me realize my responsibility over our society and i hope that one day even i can become a responsible and respected citizen as you.”

B. Tech

Durgam Kushal Kumar


“I still remember those old days, when our first meet was happened in the classroom listening to your Radar communication classes. Really I was happy that day after listening your classes of motivation has touched the capital city of India which is a tremendous achievement and proud for many people like me who had spent quality time with such an eminent personality like you where you were so kind, friendly, showered brotherhood, guided us with analytical mindset telling us how to be like a problem solver really helped me personally in facing certain odd situations in life. I still remember your words, “life is not just for working and earning, it has more than that spending time for people, relations and society.”

Yes, your success as a Leader is a lesson for everyone which says that big things cannot be achieved overnight and also it requires passion, dedication, proper groundwork, knowledge, patience and hardwork.

That day you were a evolving bud, but today you became a huge tree showing a way for many orphan buds in flowering out and become responsible citizens of India.

Durgam Kushal Kumar
Application Systems Engineer, Wells Fargo.”